About Us

  • Training opportunities (most with CE credits) that allow you to strengthen your personal skills to better serve your practice, your community and animals displaced or affected by disasters. Much of the CE is free.
  • Certificates for training completion to display in your place of business and to add to your resume.
  • Updates from the CAVMRC and state agencies concerning information and events pertaining to general and animal health emergency issues.
  • “Fast track” into disaster deployment at the local and state levels based on pre-credentialing and affiliation.
  • Networking and information sharing opportunities with veterinary team members across the state.
  • Satisfaction in knowing that you are making a difference for animals and for your community when you provide vital veterinary services for animals during emergencies and disasters.

The CAVMRC program provides an opportunity for the entire veterinary practice team to participate, including:


  • Veterinarians
  • Registered Veterinary Technicians
  • Veterinary assistants, office managers and all support staff members
  • Students and faculty in California veterinary medical programs


Animal Control Officers and Shelter Staff working under the supervision of an in-house veterinarian. Members may be asked to submit evidence of education, licensing and certification for credentialing

When you become a member of the CAVMRC, the unit coordinator will create a profile for you on a secure website called the Disaster Healthcare Volunteers site. It is managed by the California Emergency Medical Services Authority. Included in your website profile is your contact information, which the CAVMRC can use to contact you in the event of a local or statewide disaster or emergency. The system is secure and your information is only seen by your unit coordinator. You will be granted access to your profile so that you may login to the website and update your information as needed. It is important to keep all of your contact information up to date in your web profile.

Required training:
The CAVMRC will direct new members to online self-guided, self-paced training modules presented by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA.) Each module takes about 30-45 minutes to read and ends with a quiz. When you pass, you will receive a Certificate of Completion. CAVMRC members are required to complete the following training to become regular unit members:


1. Incident Command System (IS-100) Classroom or FEMA Independent Study (online)
2. Incident Command System (IS-200) Classroom or FEMA Independent Study (online)

To join the CAVMRC, visit the CAVMRC website at www.cavmrc.net, download the Quick Registration form, complete and fax it to the CAVMRC at 916.646.9156 or scan and email it to staff@cvma.net. To receive additional information on the unit, training and registration, contact the CAVMRC Unit Coordinator at 916-649-0599.

Remember, free membership is extended to the entire veterinary practice team.